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Rogue Invader

Coming Early Summer 2016

In Rogue Invader you are the invader attacking the alien horde in this genre-flipping rogue-like shooter. Game-play is smooth and resembles

old-school isometric games, with modern touches and HD graphics.


Initially Rogue Invader was developed using GameMaker but now it is switched on Unity.


Combining modern rock with orchestral force, Caleb Blood’s tracks provide depth to every aspect of our world.


Development phase suffered a transition from GameMaker to Unity.


Rogue Invader will be available for PC.

  • I like the look. '1-Bit is all you need

    Lucas PopeCreator of Papers, Please
  • Complete with minibosses, sidequests, procedural generation and weapon modification.

    Phil SavagePC Gamer
  • Rogue Invader art style confounds my ability to form opinions.

    Graham SmithRock, Paper, Shotgun
  • This game has an amazing concept, and is totally different from other games that come out these days.

    Gabriel KrossGame Skinny
  • We're immediately intrigued by the promise of a one-bit pixel shooter arrangements and customization.
    Curtis StoneFront Towards Gamer
  • Players must choose weather to beam supplies up to the fleet, or keep them - these decisions affect future plays, so decisions must be made carefully
    Bonnie BurgetteIndie Game Magazine
  • It features a fairly deep customization system, allowing you to install different mods on your equipment and replacing parts for different effects.
    John BridgmanIndie Games


  • 1-bit graphics throughout, created at 720p resolution
    Every pixel is black or white.
    No pixel is grey or colored. (Interpolation is unavoidable at non-1280×720 resolutions.)
  • Roguelike: every playthrough is different and death of a soldier is permanent
    Every choice you make matters
    Taking risks and playing differently might lead to success and easier future paths
    …or it might kill you
  • 12 unique areas combining procedural generation and pre-created encounters
    Persistent damage–destroyed objects are rebuilt over several playthroughs
  • 6 enemy classes, each with three different personalities to provide different AI interactions during each launch
  • Mini bosses and side quests that reward you for taking risks
  • 8 cutscenes to provide background and exposition to drive plot and increase your involvement 
  • Vast modification options
    Collect 5 unique resources during invasion to rebuild your arsenal and ease future invasion runs
     8 gun types, each with 1-6 modification slots
    15+ modifications for guns
    100s of combinations that provide usability unique to you and your play style
  • Original orchestral music score by Caleb Blood
  • Make constant tradeoffs to win the invasion
    Bigger gun or more ammo?
    Use this gun now or beam it up to be studied?
    Run through a section or sit back and kill all the aliens?
    Risk destroying all your cover or collect more resources for the next soldier to use?
  • Homeworlds of soldiers pay homage to nearly 100 sci-fi locations for the out and closeted sci-fi nerds
    Homeworlds provide soldiers perks
  • Endlessly replayable
    Hunt achievements
    Search for secrets
    Improve the arsenal
    Explore the world
    Thumb your nose at King Zeno

Take a look inside Rogue Invader!

Meet the Team!


Caleb Blood


Curtis Wilson


Nathan Rees


Kit Rees


Lee J Hinkle

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